We currently meet in the building of our Spanish-speaking sister church, Iglesia La Travesía, in San Juan.  Please see the interactive map below, as well as the parking map and explanation below that.   If you prefer to enter an address into navigation software, use 352 Calle Duero, San Juan, PR 00920.  (The "front" of the building on Route 23 is at 1344 Ave. Franklin Roosevelt, but the door is on Cll. Duero.)


352 Calle Duero
San Juan, PR 00920



Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 3.49.59 PM.png

The area marked with Red is the enclosed parking lot. The spaces are limited, so on Sundays these spaces are reserved for families with children, seniors, and visitors.  Green marked areas are suggested places to park on Sundays.  Other street parking can be found also.  The entrance is marked with the blue arrow.